Vanessa Kachadurian-Child Trafficking in Armenia


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medical executive and promoter of movie documentaries with a purpose. involved with charities for over 20 years and arts in the schools.
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5 Responses to Vanessa Kachadurian-Child Trafficking in Armenia

  1. Sonia says:

    Current information…once again this is a great you give all the information instead of biased information. Nice that you have those connections and stay on top of the laws.

  2. Copy of IP address; I am complimented you spend hours reading our blogs and this is very current information.
    Author : Sonia (IP: , : svigilante@verizon.netURL : http://adoptionadventure-sonia.blogspot.comWhois : Ancient history…once again this is a desperate move to stir things up. Why don’t you come up with an article that is less than 5 years old.

    • How about the fact that the Hague is now in place to stop this sort of thing, and to stop the once popular method of bypassing the adoption authority and dealing direct with the birth mother and physician. This is why there will be barely 10 adoptions from Armenia exported to the USA and 100% will be Special Needs children.
      There is your current and realistic information. There are many articles that are “current” but you cannot read and write and Armenian. Too bad.

  3. Taking on the Kennedys is a fantastic video I recommend to everyone. It is a great comedy and at the same time tragedy.
    Some Americans have to have everything their way, if not they have a hissie fit – even when the TRUTH and reality jump out to everyone.
    Armenian Business doesn’t concern these people, they are not a part of our community and east coast Armenians are so far removed from their culture it is hysterically funny. They have no connections to Armenia and believe everything that is spoon fed to them from those that have much to gain $$$$$.

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