Vanessa Kachadurian-Edward Amalyan Casinos

Ritzio Entertainment Group, belonging to Oleg Boiko, intends to develop local stores under the brand Relish in the Moscow suburbs and in the regions where slot halls have closed, informed Larissa Shishkin, the press secretary of the holding, earlier. The first shops have already opened in the Moscow region and some in other regions, and in the near future the chain may announce new projects. Also in St. Petersburg Oleg Briskly has managed to agree with discounter Dixi on opening mini markets of the retail shops of VMart in the place of former gambling halls. Jackpot, controlled by German Goglichidze, is moving in a similar direction, and at the end of last year signed an agreement of intentions with X5 Retail Group to open Perekryostok supermarkets in its premises. In total within the limits of the program it may open 100 to 200 supermarkets. The fourth largest gambling company — Zolotoi Arbuz — owned by Edward Amalyan and Dmitry Yakushev (also manage a chain of clubs by the same name, and also the Fan-fan chain) from the end of last year has developed a chain of florists called Iris and Tyulpanoff in place of its slot halls. It is possible that in the long term the remaining gambling halls of the company will be reoriented under this retail format.

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